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Guidelines for submissions to
(Updated March 18, 2018.)
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In order to guarantee publication, purchase a Featured Post or Spotlight Q & A:

Featured Post:
You’ll receive priority placement (photo in the slideshow at the top of the Home Page), listing the “Featured” category and the specific category relevant to the post.  Featured Post cost is $250.

Spotlight Q & A for Business or Charity:
Placement in the “Spotlight Q & A” section of the Home Page and listing the “Spotlight” and either Charity/Nonprofit or Business categories. If you have purchased a Featured Post, this Q & A is only $100 extra. If you have not purchased a Featured Post, this Q & A is $250.

Contact us now for details:

Help us help you: Please be sure your press release is in Word, not a .pdf and  be sure to include the following:

  1. In order to be published, each submission has to include an image for the Home Page top slide show.  No logos. Horizontal .jpg images at least 800 pixels wide and 445 pixels tall (approximately 11.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall). If your image is larger, we can resize. Please submit at least 2 .jpg images. If you do not have a wide horizontal image, submit at least 5 other images (not logos) and we’ll see if we can combine a couple to create that image for you. Because of time restraints, we cannot research through a download folder with over 10 images.
  2. Post/Article Page: Invitation images and logos are OK in addition to the images mentioned above and will be published here.
  3. For Party Pics: .jpg images at least 500 pixels tall and 72 dpi.
  4. Include names, titles where applicable and photo credit for all images.
  5. Press release in Word. Spreadsheets and .pdfs do not work.
  6. Send us the URL to link to exactly the page on your website you would like included in the article.

Where your article/post is published:

If you want your article to be published in the Home Page Slide Show at the top of the page, purchase a Featured Post, as described above.

Complimentary posts are published under “Recent Posts” on the Home Page.

Deadlines for publication:

  1. Each article/featured post published on is published on the next eBuzzNewsletter.
  2. eBuzz is published each Thursday, unless otherwise designated.
  3. The deadline for submission is the day before, Wednesday at noon.
  4. Ads on are not automatically included in eBuzzNewsletter. Those are separate.

Getting published:

  1. For guaranteed publication on or eBuzzNewsletter, we suggest you buy a Featured Post, Spotlight Q & A, publication package or ads.
  2. Submitting an article/press release does not guarantee publication. If we receive a press release we believe our readers will enjoy, we try and help get news out as much as time allows.
  3. Full disclosure: is published by Sharon Adams, principal of Adams Communications Public Relations (ACPR) and publisher of the award-winning eBuzzNewsletter.  Read more on our About Us page.

Disclaimer: From time to time we receive items from vendors requesting visibility for their brand or business. Submission of an item, product, etc., does not guarantee coverage. However, if we feel our readers would benefit from learning about the product or item, we are happy to write a review or help promote, time permitting, and that promotion will be indicated in the review. To guarantee your product is featured, we suggest purchasing a Feature Story, Spotlight Q & A, ad, or an advertising package.

Contact: If you have questions, please call Sharon Adams at 972-773-9289 or email at

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