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Shedding new light on your nonprofit organization, charity or business online presence, awareness, visibility and implementation of public relations campaigns

Philanthropy Lifestylescovers the Dallas and surrounding cities’ nonprofit and social lifestyles scene, along with business events and news, with photos and press releases, giving our readers insight into the  events and the volunteers,  community leaders and businesses who make it happen.  

With over 6,000 unique visitors each month,   offers a  vibrant platform for getting your news out to the affluent readers who visit our website.

We publish the real stories behind the people who are the center of what fundraising for nonprofits and philanthropy is all about:

* Men and women volunteers who run charities with the same acumen and tenacity as if they were running multi-million dollar corporations.

* The philanthropic businesses and individuals whose generosity funds major expenses of charity special events, teas, galas, luncheons and social gatherings which spark the public interest, encouraging people to attend their events and support their cause.

* Those philanthropists who support their favorite cause by sponsorships, purchasing tickets, attending the events, buying raffle tickets, bidding on live and silent auction items and encouraging their friends to support these causes.

Lifeline of support:
To those nonprofit organizations, charities and beneficiaries who reap the monetary rewards, the benefits of philanthropy are their lifeline of support. They are absolutely grateful and benefit greatly from the publicity, awareness and recognition of their organizations.

Beyond the party scene:
That’s where Philanthropy Lifestyles™ comes in. We are dedicated to celebrating the philanthropic spirit by showcasing the extraordinary efforts of nonprofit organizations, community leaders, volunteers, individual donors and businesses through our posts and photos. We publish mission statements, underwriters and sponsors and add to those Philanthropy Lifestyles™ Spotlight Q & A, Philanthropy Lifestyles™ Scene Special Event Party Pics, Philanthropy Lifestyles™ eBuzz, which includes Lifestyle Features, Business News and Announcements, Restaurant News, Recipes, Home+Design and more focusing on Dallas and the surrounding area, our home base.

National News:
Our editors receive press releases from all over the United States and some foreign countries. If we believe our readers will be interested, we’ll publish that news. Just click on National in Categories search in the right column.

Resource for links to other publications:
As the internet continues to grow, so do interest groups and news resources. We link to websites we think are of interest to our readers and welcome partnerships with other online publications.

Advertising and Feature Articles

Affluent readers:
Philanthropy Lifestyles™ website visitors are an affluent, high-end clientele with sophisticated lifestyles and the purchasing power which goes along with these lifestyles. They keep updated on lifestyle trends, business news and announcements, upscale parties and the social events and lifestyles scene.

Your advantage:
These readers make Philanthropy Lifestyles
 a vibrant marketing platform for advancing the visibility of your business or nonprofit organization. Our pages are constantly updated and promoted through our weekly award-winning eBuzzNewsletter.

News resources:
Media, business and community leaders refer to Philanthropy Lifestyles™ as a source for event details and contact information. Like many blogs, newspapers, magazines and online publications, we utilize news and photos submitted by news reporting agencies, businesses, nonprofits and public relations agencies.

Visit our Submission Guidelines page for details.

To guarantee publication, we suggest you purchase a Featured Post for your special announcements, special events, party pics, Philanthropy Lifestyles™ Spotlight Q & A to feature your event chairman, organization CEO, Recipes, or combine them in an advertising package with banner and button ads.

Email Sharon Adams,  or call 972-773-9289 for details.

We believe when nonprofit organizations, charities, individuals and businesses are brought together and gain visibility and recognition for their efforts, everyone wins.

We’re glad you’re here!

Our Mission:
Philanthropy Lifestyles™ champions nonprofit organizations and the generous community leaders, individuals and businesses who donate their time and money to charitable causes. We are dedicated to celebrating their philanthropic spirit by showcasing their extraordinary efforts.

We do this with the help of our generous sponsors and clientele, without whom, Philanthropy Lifestyles™ would not exist. We encourage you to visit their websites often. Everyone benefits when mutual interests are brought together.

We maintain editorial integrity: Full disclosure

When we receive a story we think our readers would like to know about, our editor or one of our contributing editors will conduct the interview, write the story and publish it at no cost to any business or organization. If a personal visit or interview is not possible, we’ll contact the organization or business to fact check and publish their press release and images. When someone buys or sponsors an ad or post, it is listed as such or a “Featured” or “Sponsored,”  article under that category.

While we would love to be able to personally attend each event submitted, we cannot. Like most media, when we can attend, we will do so and write the story about the event and include our photos as well as photos provided by the event’s representatives and most times, include their press release.  When we cannot attend, we will publish the press release, or link to it, and photos from the event.

In our experience and feedback from media, businesses and nonprofits, this helps media, which constantly checks out our web site for reference for their own publications, and the organization gets their word out and cultivates community support for the event.

Full disclosure: As the owner and publisher of Philanthropy Lifestyles™, formerly, Adams Communications Public Relations clients are included on this website, as well as many non-client nonprofits and businesses.  Once we started in 2001, which placed a major focus on our clientele, everyone wanted to be included and it is our pleasure to do so, most free of charge and as often as possible. We also sell ads and publish featured advertorials. They are listed as “Featured” or  “Sponsored.” 

We also welcome business support to sponsor the Philanthropy Lifestyles™ Spotlight Q & A series and other featured series as they become available.

Philanthropy Lifestyles™ is honored to be an Internet Party Pics sponsor for  select organizations. Those organizations pages are displayed as such.

If you have a question or comment about our editorial policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Brief History

PhilanthropyLifestyles™and are owned and operated by Sharon Adams, principal of  Adams Communications Public Relations based in Dallas, TX.  Sharon first filed for the DBA in April of 2000 and spent a year learning Dreamweaver, a website development software, in between raising children and working to expand her PR business.

In April 2001, Sharon’s PR business began its online presence and started publishing photos from her clients’ events on It grew to be so popular that non-clients also wanted their photos published, she launched in December 2001 as an expanded vehicle for Party Pics, news and announcements focusing on nonprofit organizations.

At that time was the only website in Dallas to publish Party Pics and social news online. Blogs were not a part of Dallas’ internet media. Most magazines and newspapers did not have online visibility for their content. Most nonprofits did not even have a website. Thrilling to be in on the ground floor! received  a 2009 Constant Contact All-Star Award where Constant Contact recognized for commitment to best practices in email marketing. Our eBuzzNewsletter is published once a week and continues to maintain the standards that were celebrated with this award.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit its hardest beginning in March 2020, lifestyles changed dramatically during the business and schools shut downs and stay-at-home mandates.  While many continued to support nonprofits, small businesses and restaurants, many could not. It continued to be our mission for our website to reflect the support we could offer to those entities by keeping their names, missions and updates in the public’s eye. While the name change was considered for many years before, It was during that time that the name change from SocialWhirl to Philanthropy Lifestyles™ officially happened in August 2021.

Looking to the future!

Heartfelt thanks to all for your support and thank you for visiting!