Hot Home News: JP Morgan III Family Island Estate, Phyllis McGuire’s Las Vegas Mansion, Summer of Love Victorian and Two Movie Homes For Sale

Featured Photo: JP Morgan III Island Estate photo courtesy Top Ten Real Estate Deals.

News from our friends at  This week, we take a look at two New York homes that were in the movies “Unfaithful” and “Sabrina” now for sale. One was once owned by a nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln. The other includes a home that Jackie Kennedy leased in the summer of 1964 soon after her husband’s assassination.

Also, in a flashback to the flower-child days of 1967, a Victorian in Haight Ashbury with retro record store is for sale.

And, Phyllis McGuire of the 1950’s McGuire Sisters is selling her unique Las Vegas mansion with a 44-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower, bulletproof windows and a basement disco.

“New York Home Has Ties to Mary Todd Lincoln & Hollywood”

A traditional Colonial farmhouse that was once owned by a nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln and many years later chosen by Hollywood location scouts for the movie “Unfaithful” is for sale at $2.395 million. The 2001 film, starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane as a married couple whose marriage was falling apart, takes place in Westchester County, New York where the home is located.

“JP Morgan III Island Estate”

By the time J.P. Morgan’s great grandson, Junius Spencer Morgan III, was ready to build his own great estate, he chose an entire island of 45 acres on Long Island’s north shore. For those who saw the 1995 remake of “Sabrina” that was filmed at the main mansion, which included much of the interior of the home as well as the gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape designer of Central Park. The estate includes the 12-bedroom manor house and five other residences including the Creek House that Jackie Kennedy leased for the summer of 1964  – a few months after her husband’s assassination. Now for sale at $125 million.

“1967’s Summer of Love Victorian”

Fifty years ago, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood was the epicenter of the Summer of Love. A flashback to the flower-children days, a Victorian apartment building in Haight Ashbury with colorful retro record store on the first floor and eight bedrooms (plenty of places to crash) is for sale. On a street with a vibrant nightlife, head shops and a few spaced-out residents left over from the 1960s, the 1902 building is priced at $2.35 million.

“Phyllis McGuire’s Las Vegas Home”

Phyllis McGuire, the lead vocalist of the 1950’s hit trio The McGuire Sisters, has one of the most unique homes in Las Vegas. A 26,000-square-foot mansion with a copy of the Eiffel Tower rising 44 feet in the center of the house, bulletproof windows, a basement disco and electric shutters that close instantly at the touch of a button. There is also a guest mansion, two swimming pools, a lagoon, tennis court, and Phyllis’s Place with grill, ice cream bar and soda fountain. Many of the major stars of the day partied there, a home away from home for them when in Las Vegas. Her Las Vegas mansion is priced at $6.5 million.


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