Ladylove Lounge and Sound opens in Dallas, Texas

(Featured image: La Toña cocktail.)*

David Grover and Kate Siamro of Spinster Records are elevating the record shop experience into a vinyl record listening lounge and live music venue in the trendy Bishop Arts neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Being the first listening lounge/venue concept to open in Dallas, Ladylove Lounge and Sound opened July 7th.  A “vinyl record listening lounge” is a  Japanese vinyl bar concept. In the past five years, they have popped up in L.A., Mexico City, and New York City. While most record shops expand into more locations, Spinster Records is more focused on bringing the audiophile listening experience to a lounge accompanied by delicious cocktails and tasty tapas-styled bites.

Heather Poile, an award-winning and published bartender, is running the cocktail show. Her eight-year experience behind the bar ranges from Lounge Here to Casablanca. Poile has curated a 8 signature cocktail list with 3 mocktails to cater to any person coming into this warm audio oasis. With names ranging from Leather Daddy to Sad Girl R&B these drinks are connected to the sounds heard in the space, and presentation is everything. 

Another Dallas star running programs in the walls of Ladylove is Jimmy Contreras. Contreras is owner of Oak Cliff’s Taco Y Vino. He works in wine as well as catering. The entire food program at Ladylove is his game. Bites mirror the space in being highbrow, yet approachable. The main focus for food is to create tasty options you can still get late into the night. Everything is meant to be easy to grab tapas-style ranging from Bumps & Lays to Blackened Tuna Sliders. One of the most iconic snacks will be the olive oil dill tossed popcorn.  

Ladylove Lounge & Sound has a DJ booth created by DJs for DJs. Their intention is to constantly have curated vinyl spinning at all hours. Nothing will be played unless it’s quality. With a curtained stage, Ladylove will also present new and upcoming musical acts to surprise their guests, giving a classic showmanship missing from many concert venues.

Spinster Records has worked events with DJ Sober, Leon Bridges, Charley Crokett, Talbi Kweli, and many more. The intention is to bring those acts over to this lounge, creating a hotspot for artists to connect with their audience. The social media behind Spinster Records has been very organic and woman-led, bringing in a 15k following on Instagram. Also, multiple videos on Tiktok are going viral with over 500k views. It’s a young store that also brings in a Gen Z audience, making it ideal to promote new tech and music. Ladylove Lounge & Sound is the perfect showcase for speakers, great audio, record releases, and new acts coming through Texas.

Quick facts on Location and Venue:

  • Venue capacity of 130. Not too small, not too big.
  • Ideal location to showcase Pioneer products.
  • Brick Walls and cork board installations in walls to help with inside sound
  • Based in the quickly growing Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX.
  • Late nights, closing at 1am
  • Options for all vinyl DJs and digital DJs
  • Will host record label listening nights, album release parties, international DJs, and all genres of music
  • Top-of-the-line bartenders creating drinks based around the music

    Visit the website at:
    Location: 310 W Seventh Street
    Dallas, TX 75208
    Phone(972) 733-9032

Cocktail Menu and Food Menu:


Sad Girl R&B

Libelula Tequila / Pallini Limoncello / Regans Orange Bitters / Grapefruit Soda

City Pop

Stoli Vanilla / Leblon Cachaca / Lillet Aperitif Blanc / Matcha Soy

Leather Daddy

Banhez Espadin / Evan Williams 1783 / Cynar / Black Sesame Coconut Cordial

In Tongues

Teeling Irish Whiskey / Southern Black Tea / Monin Peach / Lemon / Mint

CDMX 1920

Condesa Gin / Combier Grapefruit Rose / Lemon / Rose water

Ya Voy

Grey Goose Vodka / Uruapan Charanda / Combier Blue Curacao / Passionfruit Foam

La Toña

Yebiga Plum Brandy / Angostura cube / Strawberry Bubbles

Side Dish

St. Remy Signature Brandy / Combier Berry / Cointreau / Dry Vermouth


Take the Wheel

Southern Black / Mango / Peach / Mint

Pump it Up

Lyres Bitters / Red Bull / Nori


Carrot / Lemon / Orange Soda / Rosemary


Fresh Dilled Popcorn $5 (Vegan, GF)

High fiber, whole grain popped in olive oil and tossed in fresh dill

Bumps & Lays $16 (10 g) & $40 (1oz) (GF)

Classic California farmed White Sturgeon Caviar and house made potato chips

Dip Duo $13 (Vegetarian) (GF)

Classic French Onion dip and Serrano Pimento Cheese served with house mad chips

Fried Green Beans $14 (Vegetarian and Vegan w/ Modification)

Tempura fried Green Beans sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles and house made ranch

Char & Due $26

House Baked Honey Ham w/ daily assorted pickled veggies, crackers and spreads

Salmon Ceasar Salad $16 (GF)

Charred romaine, parmesan crumbles, lightly dressed in house made Caesar Dressing, finished with Salmon Roe

RGV Watermelon Salad $10 (Vegetarian and GF)

Ripe Rio Grande Valley Watermelon tossed w/ fresh basil and blue cheese crumbles

Papa Oscar $21 (Vegetarian)

Smashed fried potatoes topped with Jumbo Lumb Crab and house made spicy hollandaise

Luscher’s, My Precious $12

World Famous Luscher’s Red Hot mini Pigs in a Blanket served with mustard


Tuna Slider $16

3 – Blackened Tuna Sliders finished in a wasabi aioli

Pesto Burger $15

3 – 85/15 Beef basted in our house made pesto, swiss, truffle may on toasted bun

Mushroom Slider $15 (Vegetarian)

Button, Bello, Crimini patty flattop seared, served on a toasted bun

MediaNoche $14

Slow roasted pork shoulder, House baked honey ham, charred pineapple, swiss, served on a toasted slider bun

*Photo courtesy Ladylove.

(Full disclosure: Kate Siamro works with Sharon Adams/Adams Communications Public Relations, in our PR agency. This Philanthropy Lifestyles post courtesy Ladylove Sound Lounge.)


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