Glenn Beck Receives the Inaugural Bonhoeffer “Angel” Award at Mercury One’s M1Ball

Featured Image: Glenn and Tania Beck, Founders and Hosts: Gena and Chuck Norris, Honorary Chairs Emeritus.*

Mercury One’s founder Glenn Beck and his wife, Tania, brought together internationally and nationally-renowned supporters and beneficiaries, along with local friends and leaders in the arts, social and business communities for the M1Ball at the Omni in downtown Dallas.   

After a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem by Lauren Fisher and invocation by Pastor Rafael Cruz, Mistress of Ceremonies Sara Gonzales from TheBlaze welcomed Mercury One’s executive director Suzanne Bock Grishman to the podium. Suzanne welcomed the crowd and thanked honorary chairs emeritus Gena and Chuck Norris, Gina and Ken Betts, Francie Moody-Dahlberg and Kevin Dahlberg, D’Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock, Dee Simmons and The Vinyard Family.

Suzanne gave background about Mercury One, a 501(c)(3) charity founded in 2011. The organization’s focus is in three different areas: Humanitarian Aid, including disaster relief, help for veterans, support in the fight against human trafficking; Education Initiatives and The Nazarene Fund. Asking representatives from each organization to stand to a rousing ovation.

Abigail Gallagher, Ben Gallagher, Elizabeth Gallagher, John Pellegrino

She explained the initiatives and programs the foundation supports, including providing programs to individuals to advance the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for communities to help themselves as well as assisting our nation’s veterans, providing aid to those in crisis, and rebuilding and restoring the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East.

Peter Holt, Linus Holt, Andi Holt, Bella Holt, Ashby Holt

After a delicious dinner accompanied by Rodney Strong wines, David Barton, president of Mercury One’s board and founder and president of Wallbuilders, began a very special presentation, inviting Tim Ballard, CEO of Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund on stage, talking about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the inaugural Bonhoeffer ”Angel” Award, a prestigious award that will be given annually to individuals or corporations who are lifting the human spirit, sometimes in great sacrifice to themselves. These are individuals or corporations who speak for those without a voice and act in the face of evil, when evil presents itself.

David Barton, president of Mercury One’s board and founder and president of Wallbuilders; Glenn Beck receives the Inaugural Bonhoeffer “Angel” Award; Tim Ballard, CEO of Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund

A group of friends singing Amazing Grace entered the ballroom as everyone stood in respect for the hymn and upcoming presentation. Then the announcement was made. The recipient of the Inaugural Bonhoeffer “Angel” Award was Glenn Beck. Visibly moved, he said he was deeply humbled and that he has the greatest honor to be able to speak every day with some of the greatest Americans who have ever lived. He bared his soul, speaking about being an alcoholic, then tearfully recalling his new baptism and his journey to where he is now, thanking supporters for believing in him.

After a spirited live auction of many one-of-a-kind items and experiences, the winner of the raffle prize was drawn: a 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class in partnership with Mercedes-Benz of Plano. The after-party rocked featuring dessert stations and DJ by Peter Kreta and Nate Nelson.

Sponsors include: John Pellegrino, Jr., Peter Holt, Dawn and Travis Simpson, D’Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock, RelationshipsFirst, The Nazarene Fund, Operation Underground Railroad, KickStart Kids, PaperCity, The Downtown Business News, The Park Cities News/The Waters Family, Team Rubicon Disaster Response, CitiImpact Ministries, Lawson Associates, Inc., ShowBusiness and more.

Host committee included Wendy and Paul Tackett, Dena and Titus Weller, Tracy and Kevin Campbell, Ezra Levant, Annette and Tom Sanderson, Amanda and James Maisel, Darlyn and Darrell Maisel, Kathleen Bassford, Pat Behrens, Peter Holt, John Pellegrino, Giovanna Cugnasca, Betsy Ryan, D’Andra Simmons-Lock and Jeremy Lock, Suzanne and Michael Grishman, Piper and Mike Wyatt, Andrea and Steve Wenta, Dev and Huba Topai and Libby Hustler.

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Craig Trotter, Rebekah Trotter

North Texas and other beneficiaries of Mercury One include:

Mercury One is a non-profit Humanitarian aid and education organization focused on restoring the human spirit. Initiatives include the Leadership Training Program, which provides students the opportunity to study first-hand our nation’s founding documents and artifacts, assisting our veterans, providing aid to those in disaster and crisis, and restoring the lives of persecuted Christians and others who have been displaced, held captive, and enslaved around the world. In 2018 Mercury One spent almost $750,000 in relief aid to support those affected by the two devastating hurricanes which hit areas of the East Coast, including Carolinas and the Florida Panhandle. Mercury One could not stand idly by while people in these communities were affected by severe flooding and loss of power.

Mercury One worked with our six core disaster relief partners following the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Hurricane Michael in Florida. When Disaster strikes, Mercury One will be the first on the ground, ready to assist those affected.

Mercury One continues to develop our leaders of tomorrow through the Leadership Training Program and continues to rescue and restore the lives of persecuted people and victims of human trafficking through the global expansion of the Nazarene Fund. Your Support ensures that Mercury One will continue providing these lifesaving and educational programs as well as crisis support at home and abroad.

*Photos by Dana Driensky and Danny Campbell

*Sharon Adams, Adams Communications Public Relations, is honored to represent Mercury One’s M1Ball.


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